TAPS is the private company of Ted Angevaare

HTS Rijswijk, 1974 – 1979 (now University of The Hague), Subject: Electronics & Control and Measurements, Theses: Design and test a Digital Sonar Simulator with a Digital Filter, based on Fourier Technology and the fastest electronic components available on the market at that time. The Sonar simulator will be used to train Navy Submarine Personnel (Philips)

Shell internal education at Master level, i.e. MF-310, Comprehensive course in measurement and control General Instrument Engineer, 1987.

Military service : 1979 – 1981: Received Officer Telecommunication training. Active service as Platoon Commander of a Telecommunication platoon (45 people) as “Vaandrig” and “2nd Lieutenant” in the Dutch Army. Retired after completion of national service and present rang – 1st Lieutenant.

Work Summary: The Shell Group on the 21st of April 1981 – 31st of October 2016 (35½ years). Independent Consultant as from 1st of November 2016 and onwards.

Ted is now available as Independent Consultant Industrial Automation and Cyber Security (TAPS). With his experience as Shell’s Manager of a team of specialists of Control & Automation, Ted brings more than 35 years of Process Control and Automation experience. Ted has worked in all aspects of the Industrial Automation world, with postings in Syria, Brunei, Tunisia, Morocco, Argentina, the Netherlands and other countries where Shell is active. His experience varies from Operations & Maintenance, through Engineering & Project Management to Standardisation and Leadership.

As formal Shell’s Global Manager of Process Control Security and Architecture (DACA, now called OT Cybersecurity) he has been active in Industrial Automation Security and Architecture over the past two decades and is the godfather and driver of Shell’s DACA for which he has created Shell’s first standard on Process Control Security. Shell’s DACA has created a tremendous change in Shell and has lead Shell’s Control & Automation discipline into a new world of Information Technology, Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) already in 2004 and onwards. Shell created one of the first Smart Fields and Ted created the infrastructure to make this possible in 2004. Later this secure infrastructure was deployed throughout the entire Shell Group. Ted holds a degree in ‘Measurement & Control’ and has been leading a team of more than 30 experts involved in C&A Projects, Remote Operations, SIF, Process Control Architecture, IT-Security and Automation.

Ted was Chairman of the Plant Security working group of the WIB, an international group of Instrument and Control & Automation Engineers, who launched in 2010 the first Industry Standard on PCD Security Requirements for Vendors, which was the basis of a new IEC Standard (IEC 62443-2-4, Security for industrial automation and control systems – Part 2-4: Security program requirements for IACS service providers.

Ted also participated in LOGIIC, a joined Oil & Gas Industry consortium between ExxonMobil, Total, Chevron, BP, Shell and sponsored by the US Department of Homeland Securities. Ted acted as Chairman of this group for one year.

Ted is a recognized specialist in the world of Process Automation and Industrial Safety and PCD IT-Security (OT Cybersecurity).


  • Management
  • Measurement, Process Control & Automation
  • Process Automation Strategy
  • Process Control IT-Security / OT-Cybersecurity
  • SIS (Safety Instrumented Systems) and SIF (Safety Instrumented Functions)
  • Large and small projects
  • Conceptual Design Control & Automation and OT-Cybersecurity
  • Custody Transfer / Fiscal Metering

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