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A very interesting view on Multinationals.

“Stop met het ‘bashen’ van multinationals: Shell betaalt keurig belasting”

By Martijn van den Winkelhof – fiscalist, bedrijfskundige en publicist  30 december 2019, 17:30

Having worked for Shell, I’m proud to read an article like this. It also makes me question some people who are bashing. Based on what? Facts or feelings or a big misunderstanding….

Especially the conclusion that economies are depending on the Multinationals operating in their countries and paying tax, that more than 40% of worldwide R&D is sponsored by these Multinationals and allow for 40% of the jobs in the Netherlands, and creating about 80% of the trade in the Netherlands makes me wonder why some politicians dare to comment in such a negative way on these Multinationals. Multinationals are a true contributor to the welfare and wellbeing of the people of the Netherlands.