TAPS Training consist of 6 training courses.

Meet your instructor: Ted Angevaare at Engineering Trainer. TAPS delivers its training courses via Engineering Trainer.

The TAPS Training courses:

  1. Awareness and Justification Course OT-Cybersecurity (awareness level – 3 hrs), also available online.
  2. How to realise an Industrial Security Project (knowledge level – 8 hrs)
  3. Sustainability of OT Cybersecurity (knowledge level – in progress)
  4. General Knowledge of OT Cybersecurity (knowledge level – 32 hrs)
  5. The Past, the Present and the Future of Process Automation and OT Cybersecurity (knowledge level – in progress)
  6. Industrial Automation System Architecture and OT Cybersecurity (knowledge level – 16 hrs) → Recommended and the basis of all other Industrial Training Courses (parts of Course 2 and 4 are integrated in this course).

The Training is split in 4 levels:

  1. Awareness
  2. Knowledge
  3. Skills
  4. Mastery

The first two levels, i.e. 1. Awareness and 2. Knowledge can be followed by following Classroom Training or online Training.

Level 3. Skills can only be completed when demonstrated in practise. TAPS can provide this service, but will bring in experts on various subjects, e.g. a ‘White hat hacker’ to show how to do this in real live or a Firewall specialist to learn the participants how to configure an Industrial Firewall.

Level 4. Mastery means that the candidate is an expert on the subject. Not many Masters in OT Cybersecurity do exist globally that master the whole range of OT Cybersecurity subjects. Often only a part of the OT Cybersecurity is for a master, e.g. a Firewall expert, or a Network Designer, or a person who masters Risk Assessments and Gap Analysis. TAPS cannot provide training for Mastery level.

Ted works with Engineering Trainer who hosts an online version of ‘Awareness and Justification course OT Cybersecurity’. This course takes 3 hours. Also the other training courses can be followed via Engineering Trainer. This first training course ‘Industrial Security Project Justification’, is a training course for Senior management and stakeholders, and will create awareness and is also a justification for a security program.

The second training course ‘How to realise an Industrial Security Project, is a training course for the OT Cybersecurity Officer (OCO), the person in a company who leads the project in the OT or for the CISO, the Cybersecurity Officer and will create knowledge.

The third training course ‘Sustainability of OT Cybersecurity’ will also create knowledge and is a training course under construction.

The fourth training course ‘General Knowledge of OT Cybersecurity’ will create knowledge, takes 32 hrs (4 days) of classroom training to deliver and is for Industrial Automation Engineers and IT Specialist, who want to learn more about each other’s discipline and will create OT Cybersecurity Engineers. It is intended to merge both discipline and create common grounds for both to work on and to be able to perform in the new discipline OT Cybersecurity Engineering. This subject is very broad and covers both disciplines, IT and OT/Process Automation.

The fifth training course ‘The Past, the Present and the Future of Process Automation and OT Cybersecurity’, create knowledge and is in progress of being developed. This training session is for OT Cybersecurity Engineers who would like to learn more about the future, where the technology and trends will take them in 5, 10 and 25 years.

The 6th Training course, 6. Industrial Automation System Architecture and OT Cybersecurity, is a combination of Training Course 4 (General Knowledge) and 2 (How to realise an Industrial Security Project) and is a 2-day condensed Training Course, face-2-face.

Check out the site of Engineering Trainer if you want to have additional information or when you want to book training.