The Industrial Cybersecurity Threat is one of the biggest threats our industry is facing today, 2020.

There is need for Vendor independent advice and services and TAPS can provide this! TAPS is not connected to any Vendor and therefore can advise End Users with an open and independent view!


TAPS can provide instantly 5 types of Training Courses

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Audits and Reviews

TAPS can review your business and advise you in a cost effective manner.

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Consulting Services

TAPS has more than 35 years of international experience in Industry with a major oil and gas company.

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Industrial Cybersecurity Training (also called OT-Cybersecurity Training)

TAPS can provide training varying from 4 hrs to 5 days to train Managers, Automation Engineers and IT-Engineers to understand the typicals of the OT.

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Who is TAPS

TAPS is the private company of Ted Angevaare

Reviews and Audits

What is the status of your production facility and what are the vulnerability to Cyber Attacks and Malware?

Short review

1-day review and quick report out


Comprehensive Review

This could be a one-person review or a team review that will take a week to conduct or something tailor-made, specially for you.


Consultancy Services

Independent is key and advise can be provided on all aspects of Industrial Automation and OT Cybersecurity!